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All Athletes is de nieuwe naam voor Running Center en Bike Boutique

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Golden team
  • Golden team

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Shared passion

All Athletes is much more than just a store. Personal advice, coaching, tips, passion and much more make us who we are. Our team is fully sport driven and we love to share that with you. Isn't that awesome?


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There was one time...

Start of Runnersworld

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Running Center

7 years after the beginning of Runnersworld the store moved from the city to a bigger place in Sint-Andries

When Davy entered the store in 2014 to buy him a new pair of running shoes, he was more than ever convinced that this was his passion. 1 week later he started as an employee at the store in Brugge.

Since 2014 Davy educated himself, went back to school to learn all about anatomy and physiology. After his studies he developed to Personal Trainer and start his own business, in combination with a few hours a week in the store.

During the covid-pandemic both store and personal training had to close doors. This motivated Davy even more to tell people the importancy of keep moving and doing sports in the right way.
The idea to combine this coaching and selling the right materials gave him the opportunity to take over the store in 2021.

Running Center 2.0

On feb 14th 2021 it was a fact. Running Center 2.0 was born with a new rebranding and full focus on advice, coaching en experience.


Bike Boutique

Next to Running Center, Davy had the opportunity to invest in the building next to the running store. As a former triathlete is was the perfect way to expand the store with cycling apparel and accessories.

Bike Boutique was born.

All Athletes

Run, walk, bike, swim, coaching,... it was more than just RUNNING center. We are here for all athletes... A new name thats tells more about what we doe, who we are.

All Athletes:
if you have a body, you are an athlete

Roeselare & Gent


The stores were growing and we received a lot of recognition about our knowledge and approach to the customers. To bring our story closer to the customers we decided to expand with 2 new stores: Roeselare and Gent.